Friday, 16 November 2012

What is Indian Property bubble?

The state of the property market in all the major cities of India is said to be in a bubble form. Economists and researchers are of the opinion that this property bubble is expected to see a burst by the month of November, 2014. The major and the primary factors which are expected to trigger the bubble burst are the political uncertainties in the country and the revised RBI norms. These factors strictly prohibit the interference of banking sector to the over-heated sector of real estate. By the first week of November itself real estate prices are expected to crash by nearly 40% and the speculators may sell their properties at really high discounts in order to avoid the after effect of various types of financial losses. Since March 2005, the Indian Property Market is supposed to be in the bubble territory. The liberalized terms regarding foreign investment in real estate as per the SEZ Act in 2005, the introduction of private equity funds into real estate, the lower real estate prices that led more investors to the country are all the reasons for the persisting state of Indian Property Bubble.
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